Sue O’Neill


Sue was brought up in the Borough and as a child lived in West Kensington moving to Fulham when she married 45 years ago.  She was educated at Captain Marryat Primary School, Fulham County School for Girls and the City of Westminster College.

She worked in local government for the London County Council, Greater London Council and for 15 years before retirement at Hammersmith and Fulham Council. She has in the past served as a Councillor and School Governor.  She also served as a Magistrate for 33 years.  She is currently Vice-Chair of the Trustees of Fulham Good Neighbour Service, with which she has been associated since 1979.  She is also Vice-Chair of the Trustees of Dr Edwards & Bishop King’s Fulham Charity, Chair of its Governance Committee and member of its Relief in Need Committee.

Sue is strongly committed to supporting the voluntary sector in the borough and sees the creation of UNITED in Hammersmith and Fulham as a positive move to support this vital sector of our community.