TECH4KIDS: 10-year-old Fulham girl runs to beat digital poverty

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Lottie, aged 10 (pictured) has raised more than £1,100 to donate to our Tech4Kids appeal


A Fulham schoolgirl has helped children without a digital device or data by raising more than £1,100 for our Tech4Kids appeal.

Lottie, aged 10, decided to raise the money after she learned of our Tech4Kids appeal when her school started collecting unused devices for disadvantaged children and young people.

During lockdown, she had her own laptop and realised how unfair it was that many children lacked the tech resources she had. She felt so passionately about this issue that she decided to do a 10-kilometre run with a time limit of 90 minutes.

“I wanted to challenge myself and raise money and I thought 10km was impressive,” Lottie said. Her family thought so too.

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Changing lives

And thanks to Lottie, at least seven children’s lives will be transformed with a new laptop for online learning.

“That makes me feel proud of my achievement and honoured to help local children not as fortunate as me,” she said.

Although she’d done short runs before, Lottie knew 10km would really push her to her limits. Unfortunately, a foot injury meant training was suspended while she healed. Getting back into training and reaching the fitness level required in a shorter time was hard work, but she persevered.

During the run, which took place last weekend (12 September) Lottie said she felt exhausted at the 3km mark, and unsure she could triple that distance. But she kept going, feeling more positive, and when she reached the final 10 metres, she thought: ‘I’ve done it!’. Lottie celebrated completing her challenge with a slice of banana bread her mum and sister baked during her run.

Digital champion

At school, Lottie loves all aspects of ICT (information and communications technology) and is happy her fundraising effort means more local kids can discover ICT for themselves.

So far, Lottie has raised a whopping £1,128.75 to donate to our Tech4Kids appeal.

The Tech4Kids Appeal is a campaign by Hammersmith & Fulham Council in partnership with local headteachers, the charity UNITED in H&F and social enterprise Ready Tech Go to make sure no youngster misses out on the chance to learn.

The appeal still needs more support from residents and companies. With £159 a young person receives a new laptop.

You can learn more or make a donation on the UNITED in H&F website.

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