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    Why we are collecting this data

    The beneficiaries are much more than a statistic to us. We would like to better understand the ethnicity of those you serve and work with.
    These categories are not about nationality, place of birth or citizenship. They relate to ethnic group categories based on the Census.
    We recognise that these ethnic groups may not represent how beneficiaries identify themselves.

    Asian or Asian British - Bangladeshi

    Asian or Asian British - Chinese

    Asian or Asian British - Indian

    Asian or Asian British - Pakistani

    Another Asian or Asian British background

    Black or Black British - African

    Another Black or Black British background

    Mixed - Asian and White

    Mixed - Black African and White

    Mixed - Black Caribbean and White

    Another mixed background

    White - British, English, Northern Irish, Scottish or Welsh

    White - Irish

    White Irish Traveller, Gypsy or Roma

    Another White background

    Another - Arab

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