Cinzia D’Ambrosi

‘United to Give’ Grants Panellist

Originally from Italy, Cinzia has lived in West London for 15 years. She is a photojournalist and set up the Photojournalism Hub to raise awareness and engagement to social justice issues, discrimination and human rights violations. The role of a panellist means a lot to her as it is essential for the delivery of aid.

60 seconds with Cinzia

What causes are you passionate about?

Race inequality and injustice, and economic inequality.

Who do you admire locally?

Mellezia Bowell of The Rena Initiative, for her passion and inspiring work providing an outlet for those economically disadvantaged to enter the art world. Her message of inclusiveness is wonderful.

Who do you admire internationally?

Photographer Hannah Kozak, who has documented the painful story of her mother that has become brain damaged following a punch from her violent partner. She tells her story to help women in abusive relationships to make the decision to leave, to make them understand that by not leaving they head to death, physical and mental impairment.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

When faced with an obstacle, rather than plunge into panic, impulsive decisions or no decision, visualise what the best outcome looks like and then slowly work your way to it.

What’s your favourite spot in the borough?

I have so many! I have a favourite walking trail which departs from Uxbridge Road, past Shepherds Bush Market and then onto Wood Lane, past White City Place and then through White City Estates.