Giving £16,500 out with residents, and meeting the community, by Debbie Robinson

Panel members giving grants

A message from Debbie

Hi everyone,

I’m Debbie and I’m the new Grants and Impact Officer at United at H&F.

Firstly can I just say a big Thank you to Savraj for her kind and thoughtful welcome as I join the team at United. I’ve met with Jonathan at DEBK and Victoria and team at HUC at Sycamore House as well as lots of residents, so I feel that I’m settling in nicely; thank you everyone. I’ve been out and about and already attended a community event held at Lyric square where I was able to meet and speak to colleagues representing various organisations, including Hammersmith BID and Small Tap Big Change. I look forward to working with you all in the near future.

Giving out £16,500 with residents

Last night was our ‘United to Give’ Community Grants Panel meeting for the Covid ‘Recover’ Fund. We had approximately £16,500 to give in grants to local groups carrying out Covid Recovery projects in Hammersmith and Fulham. After extending the original deadline we had 21 applications and we will shortly be notifying all groups about the outcome.

As with all grant-making there were difficult decisions and choices to make as requests for funding exceeded the total amount that the panel had available to give out. What we would say is that if organisations find they weren’t successful this time they should not be deterred from applying to us again in the future, if their project fits the particular grant round criteria advertised.

The panel allocated the full amount  available and we were very impressed at how they were able to bring their first hand living experiences and knowledge of our Hammersmith & Fulham area to the decision making process.

Next funding rounds

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That’s all for now

Best wishes,


Debbie Robinson

Grants & Impact Officer

You can read more about Debbie, at her profile here.